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Sister to Sister


The overall mission of the OMSE Sister to Sister is to advocate, educate and connect academically and successful multi-ethnic women students at the University of Maryland. Created in spring 2009, the Sister to Sister program is a female advocacy group created to establish an academic excellence and leadership forum for multi-ethnic women students. Members of Sister to Sister are multi-ethnic freshman, sophomore, junior and senior women at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. The members serve as mentors and academic tutors to first year women. They also provide students with leadership opportunities and personal and career information. The highest priority is to increase students’ academic achievement, aspirations and opportunities.


  • To build a social network to support the retention of women of color
  • To develop peer-to-peer relationships between multi-ethnic undergraduate females
  • To facilitate professional and personal academic goals of undergraduate multi-ethnic females
  • To increase networking opportunities on and off campus


Vivian Zohery